Sunday, November 14, 2010

A weekend on God's time

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Kairos retreat with University Ministry. I was completely unaware of what Kairos was all about and even more confused of the schedule and what my role would be. I soon learned that this would be the feeling that I held throughout the retreat. Kairos is a retreat on God's time. No cell phones. No watches. No alarm clocks. This was so foreign to me since my Iphone is practically attached to my hand these days. This was the most liberating feeling to not have my cell phone for 2 days. No Facebook. No email alerts. No alarm clock for me to snooze a million times.

I was so happy to be up in the mountains. There wasn't a lot of snow but more than I am used to. The camp that we were at was absolutely beautiful. There was stream that ran through the camp that was so relaxing to just stand next to and listen to the running water as I centered myself to hear God's voice and direction.

I had so many great opportunities to connect with many students that I had yet to encounter on campus as well as create deeper connections with those students that I previously had known. The leaders that were chosen to lead the retreat each gave their "talk". These talks were their stories. Their stories of their journeys in life and their relationship with God. I am still in awe of the love, openness, and strength that the students displayed this weekend.

I was moved in so many ways this weekend and had the much needed time to reflect on my life and really listen to God. I am so comforted this evening by the grace of God. God spoke to me in many ways this weekend that I hope to share in the next few posts.

The last talk today was about the 4th day. In our case the 4th day is tomorrow. The day after the retreat is over. The day we are all back in the "real world" without guided prayer and reflection. Where we will be back in our daily mundane routines in life. Cell phones attached back to our bodies, alarm clocks set, and distractions everywhere that pull us away from God. We will again be on "Our time."

As I think about my 4th day. I start to think about the things in my life that distract me from my relationship with God. I think about all of the wonderful feelings that I felt this weekend. The closeness I felt to God and nature. I hope to work to create a life that is truly on God's time in my daily life.

So my 4th day begins. Wonder what it will be like? Have I changed at all? Will this yearning for God in my life out weigh all of the distractions that I will face this week?