Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicago...the beginning of a new chapter.

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to visit Chicago (a.k.a. The Windy City). Here are a couple of pics from the bean in Millennium Park.This trip was a blessing in many ways. 1) A week "vacation" 2) Start of my job search process 3) I was able to reconnect with my good friend Amber.

The main reason for going to Chicago was to attend the annual NASPA conference and Placement Exchange. The first part of the trip was not all fun and games for me due to the fact that I was interviewing for jobs. Over the 4 days of interviewing I had 9 interviews (talk about exhausting, physically and mentally). I left the Placement Exchange with a lot of positive feedback and a greater sense of direction for my future. After the interviewing it was a great time exploring the sites of Chicago, catching up with friends and networking, and of course eating some great food!
After returning from Chicago, the job search process has been in full force. It seems to consume my time and life. It is all so exciting and stressful at the same time. I had a phone interview this week with one of my top choices from the conference. I was really excited and had done so much research on the area and living conditions, etc., etc. It turns out that I did not make it to their final interview. Bummer. I was pretty sad when I found out but I knew that I could do nothing but learn from this situation.

What I have learned most is that I was trying to control my future and it was what I thought I wanted. But God is in control and I should have trusted in Him more. A wise friend informed me that God already knows where I will be next year...all of the pieces just have to fall into place. And I just have to trust that. Obviously that was not where God wanted me, even if it seemed really cool. I have also learned that I can not let this process consume my life and deter me from enjoying my last couple of months here in Commerce. So much can happen in a couple of months and if all I do is worry about where I will be in 3 months..I might miss something. I have decided to trust in God on this one. I want Him to lead me to the school and town that He needs me to be there and that will guide me in my own spiritual journey. I also am going to continue to live here in Commerce and enjoy my time here and the impact that I can have and the growth that I can still go through. I am excited to learn more about moving and the biblical references pertaining to moving so I am reading "After the Boxes are Unpacked: Moving on after Moving in" by Susan Miller. I am have only read the first couple of chapters but I can already tell that this is exactly what I need to be doing right now...preparing myself for what God has already planned out for me. I can't wait to find out what it is!

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