Monday, June 21, 2010

Colorado Bound

It is officially official! I am moving to Colorado!

These past couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. I am so excited about where God is leading me and what He has in store for this new adventure, but it has all started to set in that I am moving away from the place that I grew up, where I found myself and God, and family and friends that mean more to me than anything in this world. This by far is going to be the hardest and most challenging thing that I have ever done, but at the same time so rewarding!

To help in this transition I have been reading a book called After the Boxes are Unpacked: Moving on after moving in, by Susan Miller. This book has been so helpful in my preparation for moving. As I mentioned earlier, the hardest part of this move is being so far away from the people that mean so much to me but this book put it all in perspective for me when it stated that "you may feel cut off from your family and your friends but you are not cut off from God. He didn't bring you here to abandon you." My response to this was, WOW! I truly believe that God has led me to work at Regis University and that this is the place where He needs me to be. I guess once it was official I forgot that God is already there preparing this place for me and that He will be there with me to continue to show me why He led me there. The book states to not "dwell in the past. God will do something new here and eventually it will be obvious to you. He will make a way for you in this unknown place and bring the cool refreshing waters of a new life to barren your heart."

"God is the One who clasps your hand as you move from one place to another.
He is the One who has gone ahead of you, prepared a place for you, and will hold out His hand for you to cling to.
He was with you when you started, and will be with you when you finish.
If you should fall along the way, He will be there to protect and guide you, and make sure you keep going!"