Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Orientation & First Week at Regis

So life here in Denver has been non-stop! We just finished 4 days of Orientation which means I was pretty much here from 8am-10pm (or later) every night. It was such a blast though! I loved meeting all of the freshman and their families. I was exhausted and actually went to bed at 9:00pm on Monday night. Wow, that makes me feel old! It wasn't all bad...when I say that I worked...I mean I got to go to INVESCO field and chaperoned a Rockies game and enjoyed tons of free food (including the biggest Red Bull I have ever seen!) My boss can't believe I drank all of it!

Monday was the first day of classes here at Regis. The leadership class that I am teaching is Monday evening so most of my day was spent preparing. It went really well and I am really excited about the semester. I think we have about 35 students! I was given Tuesday off which was great! I slept in, cleaned my apartment and finally unpacked most of the boxes and decorated some of the walls. It looks so much better. It was great to be able to slow down and have a little me time, but I was excited to come back to work today!

Funny thing. So every college campus has parking issues. Of course Regis is no different. There are not that many parking lots and unless you get here before 8am (which is unlikely for me) you will be out of luck trying to find a spot. So there is Lot 6. This is the overflow lot. I mean it is huge but it is also pretty far away. Everyone hates having to park in Lot 6. I have had to park there both days and they offer a shuttle but I never take it because I absolutely love the beauty of the campus and the small view of the mountains as I walk to my office. It is also about the only exercise I have been getting lately. So I am not complaining about Lot 6. This of course will be a different story when this Texas girl has to experience Winter here in Denver. This is where the Park n Ride near my apartment will come in handy (and the walk there that includes a Starbucks!).

So things are great here. Still trying to get settled and start meeting people. I need to find some groups to join and a church home but all of these will come in time. I love my job and the people I work with so I am truly blessed. It has almost been 2 months since I moved here. It seems so much longer than that! I am getting a little homesick and can not wait until Thanksgiving to go home and see all of my family and friends, but until then I will continue to create my life here in the Mile High City! Off to Lot 6 to head home!